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Frequently asked questions

Are you Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes, we are certified by Yoga Alliance. With the completion of our courses, you will receive a certificate that is internationally recognised. With that, you can register yourself at Yoga Alliance if you want to.

Can I do a YTT without wanting to be a teacher?

Yes, you can totally join our Yoga Teacher Training even if you’re not planning to become a Yoga teacher yourself. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a deeper understanding for Yoga, which is very rewarding for your own personal and spiritual development.

Is Yoga a religion?

No, Yoga is not bound to a specific religion, it is aimed at understanding the mind-body relationship as well as calming the mind. Yoga can be practiced in a completely secular way even though for many, Yoga is spiritual. But even in that case, Yoga can be practiced alongside any other religion without conflict. It can even enhance your beliefs and practices! The ethics in Yoga philosophy are pretty similar to most major religions too.

How can I book a course?

You can buy our courses online. There, you will be charged a confirmation fee. The rest of the course fee will be due once you arrive at our school. Please check our offers as we have an early bird discount if you’re booking ahead of time. The confirmation fee is non-refundable. In contrast to this, our online courses will be charged in full amount by the time of booking.

What is the difference between a teacher training and a retreat?

Our Yoga retreats cover 50 or 100 hours of Yoga courses. Like in our teacher trainings you will learn about asana, anatomy and philosophy, just in less intensity, with more freetime and in a shorter period of time. In contrast to this, our Yoga Teacher Trainings are more intense, long-term oriented and with more lessons about all aspects of Yoga. If you’re interested in coming back after a retreat to complete a Yoga Teacher Training later, your previous course will be taken into account, leaving you to complete the missing hours for the 200 hours certificate – the minimum to become an internationally certified yoga teacher according to the guidelines of Yoga Alliance USA.

Can I join without any previous experience?

Yes, you can! Our 50 hours and 100 hours retreat as well as the 200 hours Yoga teacher training course is suitable both for beginners and practicioners. 

What do I need to bring to the courses?

We have Yoga mats available in our schools, however we always recommend bringing your own Yoga mat for hygienic reasons. Please also consider checking the weather reports for the season and location you intend to book and bring suitable clothing. We also recommend bringing a notebook and pens for classes as well as a refillable water bottle.

What's the language of the courses?

Our courses will be held in english, however one doesn’t need to be an advanced english speaker. Yoga connects through spirit and emotions and all exercises will be shown in a practical way.