50 Hour Yoga Retreat / YTT

Give yourself the opportunity for a magical life-changing experience of Yoga with our 50 Hour Yoga Course! Whether you decide to explore Yoga for yourself, seeing this course as a Yoga Retreat, or whether you want to take your first steps towards a Yoga Teacher Training, this course will be a great way to get initiated to the life-transforming journey of Yoga. We will give you a foundation to start practicing yoga independently and remain physically fit, mentally agile and to become spiritually enlightened. Feel free to teach your friends and family members with the skills you learnt.

This programme is a multi-style Yoga course focusing on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga for beginners. Your teachers are experienced reputed meditation guides, skilled yoga teachers and ayurvedic doctors.

You can take our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in following locations: RishikeshKeralaGoa or Bali

Preparation to our 200 hour teacher training course

The 50 hour Yoga retreat enables you to taste the waters of Yoga before going for a deep dive. If at any stage you want to start a professional 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, you would have covered already 50 hours, with another 150 hours to go.

Get Certified from Yoga Alliance USA

After the completion of the course, you will be given a certification of the completion of the 50-hour yoga teacher training course from Yoga Alliance USA.

What you will learn

Asana (Postures)
  • study and analysis of asana including proper posture, variations and adaptations
  • how to reduce the menace of grievance and hands on the adjustments
  • the art of formulation along with modifications in class
  • correct observations regarding the angles connected to a posture
  • how to use props to aid practice
  • learning of command via voice accent
  • sanskrit names of postures and their meaning
  • confidence-building measurements by practicing
Yoga Philosophy

This class will focus on introducing you to the basic philosophy, concepts and history of Yoga.


Basics of anatomy -physiology & psychology according to Yogic science.

Good to know

Our programme is suitable for beginners with no or basic knowledge of Yoga. There are no restrictions based on age, education, religion, gender, country or previous experiences. You don’t need to be especially strong or flexible, this will come with practice.

On top of the 50 hours yoga course, you will get: accomodation, food, tea and a certificate from Yoga Alliance USA by the end of the course.

We have Yoga mats available in our schools, however we always recommend bringing your own Yoga mat for hygienic reasons. Please also consider checking the weather reports for the season and location you intend to book and bring suitable clothing. We also recommend bringing a notebook and pens for classes as well as a refillable water bottle.

Our courses will be held in english, however one doesn’t need to be an advanced english speaker. Yoga connects through spirit and emotions and all exercises will be shown in a practical way.

Usually, international travel regulations ask for a visa to travel to India, meanwhile regulations in Bali are slightly more relaxed. Please check your own authorities to make sure you get up to date information. Make sure your visa ensures enough time to complete the course.

To work as a Yoga teacher internationally, you need a 200 hour certificate. However, feel free to walk your first steps as a Yoga Teacher by teaching your friends and family after the completion of the course.

Course Schedule

Due to the global pandemic, our face-to-face courses at Goa, Bali and Kerala are currently closed. Please check again once the travel restrictions are lifted or subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification. 

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