200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Welcome to our 200 hour yoga teacher training! Join us for an unforgettable Yoga programme where you will learn life – and after which you will feel deeply rejuvenated.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Class creates a solid foundation to your own Yoga practice and gives you permission to teach the gift of Yoga worldwide. So whether you intend to teach in the future or whether you want to deepen your own practice, our course will give you the skills and the knowledge of the ancient practice of Yoga. 

All our courses are designed to give you wholistic perspectives such as development of body and mind along with spiritual development, oneness of self and universe. Our approach of teaching contains ancient and modern science of Yoga.

In our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course, we will focus on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series together with the study and practice of pranayama, meditation, action and alignment as well as adjustment workshop. Our training approach is to not only make you understand and practice Yoga but also to be a competent instructor to teach others.

For the courses in October, November and December in Rishikesh, we offer a special VIP brunch and dinner with juice, tea and fruits available throughout the day. The diet will be deeply therapeutical. The Yoga hall is one of the most beautiful spots in Rishikesh with a wonderful view towards river Ganga.

We’re happy to see you joining our course!

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Our 200 hour yoga teacher training is suitable both for beginners who want to learn about Yoga and for practicioners who aspire to become a Yoga teacher. There are no restrictions based on age, education, religion, gender, country or previous experiences. You don’t need to be especially strong or flexible, this will come with practice.

On top of the 200 hours yoga teacher training course, you will get: accomodation, food, tea, cleansing process materials, coursebooks, one day sightseeing activity, a yoga t-shirt, a rudraksha mala and a Yoga Alliance International Registered certificate by the end of the course.

We have Yoga mats available in our schools, however we always recommend bringing your own Yoga mat for hygienic reasons. Please also consider checking the weather reports for the season and location you intend to book and bring suitable clothing. We also recommend bringing a notebook and pens for classes as well as a refillable water bottle.

Our courses will be held in english, however one doesn’t need to be an advanced english speaker. Yoga connects through spirit and emotions and all exercises will be shown in a practical way.

Sundays will be without classes and you will have some hours of free time during the day. However, we recommend to use your free time during the course for self-study and rest. If you’re interested in activities in the area, we recommend to do these before or after the Yoga Teacher Training course.

At Maharishi Yoga Peeth, we want to ensure best quality teaching for you. Therefore our classes are not bigger than 15 students for 200 hour yoga course, 10 student for 300 hour yoga course and 5 students for 500 hour course.

Usually, international travel regulations ask for a visa to travel to India, meanwhile regulations in Bali are slightly more relaxed. Please check your own authorities to make sure you get up to date information. Make sure your visa ensures enough time to complete the course.

The completion of the course will be rewarded with an internationally accepted certificate which means you can work as a Yoga teacher worldwide. Whether you directly want to start teaching or work on your own self-practice first is your own decision.

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In the process of booking, we will charge you a confirmation fee of 210$. The remaining amount of your course fee (890$ for shared, 1.190$ for private accomodation) can be paid upon arrival with credit card or paypal

Due to the global pandemic, our face-to-face courses at Goa, Bali and Kerala are currently closed. Please check again once the travel restrictions are lifted or subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification.